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Cabalié Origine 2019  12btl

Cabalié Origine 2019 12btl

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HK$115.67 / bottle for 12 bottles
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Cabalié is one of our most loved 'BIG reds' – a wine that has legions of fans across the globe. Today we are proud to introduce Cabalié Origine 2019 – an old vine, ‘ultimate edition’ reserve cuvée created especially to reward Cabalié fans for their loyalty.

ORDER TODAY and taste a wine packed full of more flavour per square inch than just about any wine you can imagine for a tiny $116 a bottle – LESS THAN HALF PRICE!

Parker-rated winemaker Hervé Sabardeil’s Cabalié ... is a sumptuous beauty from the sun-drenched vineyards of southern France that wins rave reviews from critics and customers alike. It’s one of our most-loved, highest-selling reds – our customers can’t get enough of it. The old vine version (Cabalié Vieilles Vignes) is even more intense, and is even more popular.

“Absolutely wonderful to drink” … “Best discovery I have ever made” … “Unforgettable red … nothing else will come close” (Customers on Cabalié Vieilles Vignes).

100-year-old vines. Hervé wanted to reward the fans who have made Cabalié so successful. And so he has created the ultimate edition of Cabalié – the mighty ‘Origine’ made with fruit entirely from 100-year-old vines from two of the oldest estates in Southern France. It’s like a grand ‘Grand Cru’ edition of Cabalié Vieilles Vignes – and one taste will blow you away!

Very old vines – massively huge flavour. As with both Cabalié and Cabalié Vieilles Vignes, the grapes for Cabalié Origine are Grenache and Carignan from the finest slate soils of Maury in the Roussillon. The difference is that the grapes come from very old vines – all of them are over 100 years old! Yields are minute, which accounts for the opulently black colour and incredible intensity of flavour. The power-packed wine was then aged in oak casks for six months to lend an even more luxurious layer of creamy rich and lavish oak complexity.

The result? An incredibly concentrated, beautifully balanced, intricately complex, opulent, powerful, smooth, silky, sumptuous black red that you want to sip and savour. Truly, this luscious, inky, velvety beauty is impossible to resist!

If you’re a Cabalié fan, then this ultimate edition is literally made for you.It’s your very special reward, at a very special price, so don’t miss out on your share!

What's in this case
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