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Inverted Flamingo Malbec 2020 12btl

Inverted Flamingo Malbec 2020 12btl

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HK$85.67 / bottle for 12 bottles
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Ever fancy doing things a little differently? Breaking from the norm and flipping life around 180 degrees?Then it’s time to be more flamingo! And time to get Inverted Flamingo in your glass.

It’s a top-flight Malbec from way up high in the mountains of Mendoza, Argentina. A place where vines thrive, the peaks are snow-capped and the scenery is just amazing. Like the sight of our flamboyant, feathered friend who inspired this deliciously juicy new creation.

The flamingo isn’t afraid to break from convention. A real character who famously pops his long neck into a watering hole, turns his head a full 180, and drinks to his heart’s content.

Who can blame the big bird? This is pure Andean snowmelt – and it revives and refreshes the local Malbec vines too. We’re up high at more than 1,000m altitude, where the sunlight is dazzling and grapes ripen to perfection. And the cool night-time temperatures lock in freshness, flavour and purity.

Perfect conditions for big juicy Malbec ... This is one fun-loving flamingo! But it’s dead serious about quality. Because once you hit these heights, Malbec really soars.

Bright and juicy, big on berries with ripe plum flavours, sweet vanilla oak and a smooth, spicy finish. Make sure you have a bottle or three next time you’re chilling with friends.

This juicy offer is sure to sell fast, so take flight and order yours ASAP!

What's in this case
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