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SelvaRey Rum Party Set 7btl

SelvaRey Rum Party Set 7btl

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RRP HK$1,592.00
HK$142.71 / bottle for 7 bottles
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Whilst we work with many superstars in the vineyard and winery, it’s not often we get to work with real-life music superstars, recognised the world over! We’ve teamed up with Bruno Mars and Jay Chou to bring you their luxury SelvaRey White Rum in a limited-edition gift box. What’s more, we’ve also added two bottles each of three of our finest wines, so you can shake up some seriously good rum cocktails. The price? A tiny $999!

“It’s like you’re on vacation” (Bruno Mars)

“What is SelvaRey?” Distilled in the jungles of Latin America by a legendary master blender, SelvaRey (which means “King of the Jungle” in Spanish) is the hottest rum to have in your liquor cabinet right now. No party is complete without it! And your guests will definitely want to know if your cocktail is made with a luxury SelvaRey!

SelvaRey White Rum combines vibrant three-year-old-rum with a richer, smoother five-year-old rum. The taste is velvety and mellow, matching flavours of citrus, pineapple and toasty crème brûlée. It has been awarded an impressive 94pts by Tasting Panel Magazine.

It’s delicious sipped on its own, but it also makes a wonderful Sangria cocktail when you add it to wine. So, we want you to enjoy 2 bottles each of the silky smooth and strawberry-scented, award-winning Maison Dominique Piron Chénas 2016, the tropical-fruit rich Double Gold Bristed Brothers Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, and the creamy, toasty Anno Domini Prosecco NV. Mixing with SelvaRey white rum, each one will create a unique and sensational rum cocktail that you will definitely impress your guests.

What's in this case
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