We take protecting your privacy very seriously.

Direct Wines Limited trading as 樂事會Laithwaites Direct Wines proudly abides by a strict Code of Practice regarding the handling of your personal details and is committed to acting fairly and honestly in all customer transactions.

Data collected is handled securely and with proper regard for privacy. The collection and use of customer information allows your orders to be processed and delivered to you. It is also used to provide you with marketing and other information about 樂事會Laithwaites Direct Wines and its related products and services. We are therefore required to maintain the name, postal and email addresses, telephone number, payment and order processing information of customers when they order from us.

We may occasionally collect information from our customers for general research about your interests and attitudes towards our products and services. This information will only be used by 樂事會Laithwaites Direct Wines to ensure we are providing customers with high level services. We do ask customers to provide us with email addresses. We will only ever use your email address so that we can contact you about your order or answer a query, and to send you special offers you might find worthwhile. If you would rather not receive this information, you can contact us and let us know.

In addition Laithwaites Direct Wines will use information about you to make offers based on your wine preferences.

Any personal information that you give us is private. We will not release personal information to persons or entities without your explicit consent.

Please note any agents or contractors of 樂事會Laithwaites Direct Wines who have access to personal information are required to protect this information in a manner that is consistent with this Privacy Statement. They will not use any information for any other purpose than to carry out the services they are performing on behalf of 樂事會Laithwaites Direct Wines.

Customers can advise any time if they do not wish to receive information from reputable companies, or if they no longer wish to receive product information from 樂事會Laithwaites Direct Wines.

Customers can advise us of either of the above by contacting our customer service team 8120 3826 or by emailing If a customer advises us that they no longer wish to receive product information from 樂事會Laithwaites Direct Wines, we will ensure their name is also never passed to any other companies. Customers can access their personal information at anytime by contacting 樂事會Laithwaites Direct Wines via the above channels and verifying their identity. Note should a hard copy of personal information be required an administration fee may be charged.

樂事會Laithwaites Direct Wines will take responsible steps to ensure that all information we collect, use or disclose is accurate, up to date and is either stored or destroyed in a secured environment accessed only by authorised persons.