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200 Gallons Reserva 2020 6btl

200 Gallons Reserva 2020 6btl

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If you love your BIG, full-flavoured Portuguese reds, then this special offer from one of the country’s top winemakers and most awarded wineries is one you don’t want to miss. Especially at this price!

This is a fabulous red, and it comes with a great story too. During Prohibition in America, each household was allowed to make their own wine for ‘personal use’ – which were limited to 200 gallons a year. (That’s 1,008 bottles … approximately 3 bottles a day!). So, home winemaking became the new way and grape growers found new business by selling ‘wine bricks’ (boxes of compact grapes) directly to customers.

Another fun fact? The go-to grape during this DIY time wasn’t Cabernet or Pinot Noir because they could not survive the long freight trip of the wine bricks – so grape growers chose to use the rigorous and juicy Alicante Bouschet, originally from Portugal, which were then widely planted in California.

Award-winning winemaker Jaime Quendera from Portugal’s most awarded winery, Casa Ermelinda Freitas, was fascinated by this story, and he decided to make a wine that reflected its origins. The result is the mighty 200 Gallons Reserva 2020, a special project Gold-medal winner made with fruit from rare 100-year-old Alicante vines.

As an extra nod to its American history, Jaime aged the wine for 12 months in special custom-made double casks. The top and bottom are French oak, imparting subtle spice, while the long side planks are American, which give delicious vanilla notes.

This is a VERY special wine, and in true Portuguese style, it’s a BIG, velvety, power-packed red with plenty of black cherry and deep spice. The kind that made Wine Spectator call Portugal “the most exciting wine place on the planet”– and the kind our Hong Kong customers adore. So if you want a case of this exciting wine, you know what to do – put your order in as soon as you can – or miss out!

Don’t miss out! There are only very limited stocks of these delicious Portuguese and Spanish favourites, so make sure you secure yours NOW.

What's in this case
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