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Everyday Reds Collection 6btl

Everyday Reds Collection 6btl

What's in this case Item Code: X0702213
RRP HK$1,214.00
HK$99.83 / bottle for 6 bottles
1 case
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These are named our 'Everyday Collections'. But they're really not 'everyday wines'! These superb collections are designed to give you top quality wines at an impressive price so you can open a little bit of luxury any day of the week.

That's right. They're top-notch wines, but yours at an everyday price – you get up to 50% OFF, plus getting 3 FREE cans of UK Sparkling Wines when you take 12 bottles with you. For DW Wine Club member, don't forget your extra FREE wine with your 12-bottle order (yes, you will get 3 cans plus 1 bottle for FREE)!

In reds, savour a glorious Côtes-du-Rhône (with Gold!), a lavishly decadent Bordeaux (with FOUR Golds!), two sumptuously black reds from Italy's Puglia region in the sun-drenched south (both with high points!), a seriously good Spanish Cabernet Sauvignon from Navarra, and the mighty Black Stump Reserve Shiraz – one of our highest selling BIG Australian reds, dazzling with Gold & 90pts!

You could honestly say that these really are too good for everyday … but we firmly believe that EVERY bottle you open should be a good one, whatever the day and whatever the occasion!

What's in this case
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