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Gran Reserva Collection 6btl

Gran Reserva Collection 6btl

What's in this case Item Code: X0355713
RRP HK$1,834.00
HK$175.00 / bottle for 6 bottles
1 case
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Gran Reservas are Spain’s most special wines – crafted with painstaking care in only the best vintages and released years later, at their delicious peaks. Made only in the best vintages, they must be aged for two years in oak, and then three years in bottle – and they really don’t come into their own until many years after that. With more than 50 years of experience in buying wines, we have some VERY good friends in Spain which allows us getting access to some of the finest (and oldest) Gran Reservas. And today, we bring our dear fans very special acclaimed Gran Reservas at 42% off!

What's in this case
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