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Little Bear 2020 12btl

Little Bear 2020 12btl

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For those who love wines with a touch of sweetness, the wines of Germany are sure to delight. Today, we are bringing you a special ‘Blanc and Blanc’ blend Little Bear 2020 and a highly awarded Sekt Add-on from south-west Germany – both with a hefty discount!

Named ‘Pfalz Discovery of the Year 2017’ by Germany’s Wein magazine, Oliver Zeter is an exciting, pioneering winemaker. His aim is to produce wines that “dance the tightrope between the styles of the New and Old Worlds”. Made from his adored Sauvignon Blanc, along with stone fruit Pinot Blanc, the Little Bear is a very refreshing white.

Oliver loves Riesling, but he is equally excited by other top white grapes. He was born into a family of wine importers, and at first that's what he did too. But a trip to South Africa saw Oliver fall in love with the elegance and vivacity of Sauvignon Blanc. With the role of winemaker, he returned to the Pfalz and persuaded his cousins to lend him 4 hectares of vineyards, and so his estate began. There he has planted Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier (he likes to “swim against the current” ), Riesling, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Noir. Right from the get-go, he has won awards.

This delicious Little Bear sees bright apples and peach fruit collide. It races across the palate with a crisp citrus zip, balanced by a tinge of residual sweetness – it is medium dry after all! Allow it to dance on your palate solo or enjoy it with lighter dishes.

And, just like the bear on the bottle, pour yourself a glass. But beware, it’s very, very moreish – you will always want some more!

These German drops are sure to delight.

What's in this case
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