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Marlborough vs European Sauvignon Blanc 12btl

Marlborough vs European Sauvignon Blanc 12btl

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Sauvignon Blanc lovers, this set is for you! Today, fill the fridge with mouthwatering Sauvignon Blancs from New Zealand’s wildly popular Marlborough region and then see how they compare against lipsmacking Sauvignons from Europe including France, Austria and Portugal.

Marlborough vs Europe

New Zealand’s marvellous Marlborough region is home to some of the most distinctive, herbaceous, passionfruit-rich Sauvignon Blancs you’ll ever experience. Of course Sauvignon Blanc was grown in Europe first, and theirs are pretty special too. So now it’s time to taste and compare!

In the European corner is the lemony, grassy, Gold-medal Abbesse 2020 from France, the minerally Danaris 2020 from a top Austrian estate, and the lovely Stones & Bones 2020 from Portugal that’s "more elegant than Marlborough, more fruity than a Sancerre” (threedrinkers.com). Marlborough favourites include the thrilling Company Bay 2020 dazzling with bright tropical fruit, the luscious Mussel Pot Reserve 2020 from a legendary grower (you may remember Mussel Pot 2019 has been named New Zealand Wine of the Year!) and our bestselling Sunday Bay Reserve 2020, overflowing with passionfruit and zesty cut grass flavours.

And the winner is? YOU!

Which is better? Truly? Neither! Both are dazzlingly fresh, thirst-quenching, mouthwatering whites that will absolutely delight. Now it’s just a matter of choosing which one you want to pour in your glass first. A riotously aromatic and herbaceous Marlborough number, or a more elegant and citrussy European star. Either way, you win – especially if fresh seafood is on the menu!

The best way to spend your time on a hot summer day is to have a sip of mouthwatering stars at home, so don’t miss out.

What's in this case
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