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Oliver Zeter Riesling 2019 6btl

Oliver Zeter Riesling 2019 6btl

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They’re the wines with the cuddly bear on the label and boy do they dance across the palate! Oliver Zeter might be from the ‘Old World’ of Europe, but it was the ‘New World’ which inspired him to take the leap from wine importer to hands-on winemaker. His talent shone through from the very beginning, winning countless awards. And just 10 years after he launched, he was named ‘Pfalz Discovery of the Year 2017’ by Germany’s Wein magazine.!

Oliver’s journey
Oliver Zeter was born into a family of wine importers, and at first he too followed the family trade. But a trip to South Africa saw Oliver fall in love with winemaking. He returned to the Pfalz and persuaded his cousins to hand over four hectares of vineyards to him, the beginning of his distinguished estate. As Oliver says, “My brother makes his living importing a selection of the world's finest wines into the Pfalz. I take the opposite approach, producing Pfalz wines that make waves on the international stage.”

The wine
Oliver aims to produce wines that “dance the tightrope between the styles of the New and Old Worlds” and he sure does it here. As our specialist buyer for Germany, Beth Willard, points out – “Oliver Zeter likes ‘to swim against the current’!”. Made from two of his best parcels of Riesling (19 to 30 years old), this is a truly refreshing white. Concentrated ripe apple and stone fruit with a citrusy mineral zip. It tantalises your tastebuds with every sip.

German Rieslings are the best in the world, and over here they are popular but scarce. So, secure a case or two today while we still have stock on hand.

What's in this case
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