We are accepting Alipay HK, WeChat Pay HK, PayMe and Octopus now, simply follow the instructions below to enjoy your consumption voucher with us!

For Alipay HK & WeChat Pay

Please contact our Customer Service Team at 8120 3826 to process your order.

For PayMe & Octopus Wallet

Scan your preferred payment's QR code below, input the billing amount and send us the screen shot of payment confirmation and order details via email to customerservicehk@directwinesasia.com or WhatsApp to 6228 4043. Our customer service team will follow up with you shortly.

Reminders on paying with Octopus

  • 1. Open Octopus Wallet App (if you do not have it, please download it from Google Play / App Store).
  • 2. Make sure your phone's NFC is turned on.
  • 3. In the upper right corner of the App, click the "Scan" icon to scan the QR Code in the picture above.
  • 4. The phone will display the payment to "Direct Wines Limited".
  • 5. Enter the required payment amount and click "OK".
  • 6. It is possible that the Octopus App requires you to select a "payment method" (Octopus Card / Octopus Wallet).
  • 7a. If you choose Octopus card, please prepare a physical Octopus card and tap the NFC sensor of your mobile phone to pay.
  • 7b. If you choose Octopus Wallet, you will pay with the e-wallet in the App.
  • 8. After successful payment, please take a screenshot of the payment screen.
  • 9. Please email or WhatsApp the screenshot to us for verification purpose, our customer service team will contact you shortly for order confirmation and delivery arrangement.

If you have any questions, please call our customer service team at 8120 3826.