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MALBEC WORLD DAY Celebration Case 12btl

MALBEC WORLD DAY Celebration Case 12btl

What's in this case Item Code: M0513813
RRP HK$2,188.00
HK$99.00 / bottle for 12 bottles
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Did you know that 17 April is Malbec World Day? That’s right – this grape is so popular that it has its own special day! And this year it happens to be on a Saturday, so if you love Malbec, then why not have a Malbec Day Party and celebrate this superstar red in style over the weekend?

Of course you’ll need some very fine Malbec for your Malbec Day Party, so here’s a ‘Best Malbec Collection’ we’ve prepared especially for you – yours for just $1,188 a dozen. – a huge 45% OFF. Order TODAY to make sure it arrives in time for Malbec World Day!

What’s in your case? Malbec is revered in South West France, (you may have heard of the famous ‘black wines of Cahors’), so we’ve two wonderfully flavoursome Cahors Malbecs in your collection. One is a beautifully maturetwo Gold-winning 2009 vintage, decadently rich and seductive, the other a silky and complex 90pt 2016 from the great Hervé Fabre (yes, the legendary French winemaker famous for his Trophy-winning Argentine Malbecs came home to make this one!). These are superbe.

Then, get ready for two inky black and velvety treats from Argentina– the country that made Malbec world famous. The first is aGold-winning & 90pt melt-in-the-mouth Mendoza Malbec from our good friend Opi Sadler, the other a juicy San Juan treasure from a top estate, laden with black fruit and spice. One taste will show you why Malbec lovers LOVE Argentine Malbecs. Fire up the barbecue, these are made for meat!

Last, you’ve a silkySpanish star from the prestige Martínez Bujanda bodega, and a luscious Aussie delight from “magician” (Halliday) John Quarisa (with Gold!) . Both show that Malbecs to impress can be found outside Argentina and France. Both will be a hit at your Malbec party – try them and see!

Get ready for your Malbec World Day Party and stack the wine rack with fine Malbec for a tiny $99 a bottle. That’s AMAZING value. But hurry! There are only limited stocks of these marvellous Malbecs, and they will sell VERY quickly. Don’t miss out. Be quick to secure your share and place your order today!

What's in this case
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